Never stop growing!

LRM_EXPORT_20180709_113620A few weeks ago, I was given a plant! It was small and fragile and I wasn’t sure how to look after it properly. That day, I spent hours searching online on how to care for this specific type of plant and even called some people to ask some further questions. The day I was given this plant, I was overwhelmed with joy, but simultaneously felt a big responsibility. It was now mine and I had to make sure it’d be healthy and grow to the point of bearing some beautiful flowers which I couldn’t wait to see!

As time went by and I saw this plant growing, I felt an increasing desire to look after it well! After about a month, it is now sprouting some flowers and it is much bigger, stronger and beautiful.

I looked at my plant the other day and realised how our Christian walk is so much like it. Once, we got born again, surrendering our lives to the Lord. However, at that stage, we were like that little plant in our faith, quite fragile and needing help. But then I realised that just as that plant, the Lord calls us to grow, and grow, and grow, to the point of being mature and bearing spiritual fruits. (Galatians 5:22)

On that walk, we are not alone, the Lord is there, His Word enlightens our path, and He places brethren in our way to help us become whom He intended us to be. Each day is a new opportunity to grow, and as that happens, the Lord entrusts us with more responsibilities (1Corinthians 13:11). Also, for us to be able to fully fulfil that plan, the Lord equips us with gifts and talents.

So, today, I want to encourage you, follow the Lord, and never, never stop growing, for this is the call of our Heavenly Father for all His children!

In fact, getting born again is only the beginning of a wonderful and also challenging journey led by our maker.

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