Don’t lose hope!


As tests and trials come our way, it can often be tempting to give in to discouragement. However, what we often see as a negative event might be the beginning of something amazing God is purposing for us!

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Never stop growing!

LRM_EXPORT_20180709_113620A few weeks ago, I was given a plant! It was small and fragile and I wasn’t sure how to look after it properly. That day, I spent hours searching online on how to care for this specific type of plant and even called some people to ask some further questions. The day I was given this plant, I was overwhelmed with joy, but simultaneously felt a big responsibility. It was now mine and I had to make sure it’d be healthy and grow to the point of bearing some beautiful flowers which I couldn’t wait to see!

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Is there any reason not to be grateful?

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As a born again Christian, I have received Jesus in my life and I have the Holy Spirit living in me, therefore I should have all reasons to be grateful, right? Jesus has done everything for me on the cross – what’s the issue then?

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Meet Beth

For a while, we planned to add a new page to the blog, intended to help you guys get to know us better.

Following Beth’s initiative and boldness to produce her graduate project on her Christian journey, we figured that this is a wonderful opportunity to create the page and share her story with all of you.

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Take heart


We live in a tremendously entitled generation. We are so aware of our rights, what should be ours, we have our boundaries well set and no one should overstep them. However, this entitled attitude has unfortunately slipped into Our Christian hearts and walk. It has distorted and diluted our faith. We live in the “now” era. Everything has to be instant. If it’s not then, impatience gnaws on our hearts and frustration builds up. Let your WIFI connectivity drop to one bar and we almost immediately start looking for alternatives. We certainly can’t wait for what feels like decades for that video to load. If it’s not instant then it won’t do.

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